Calvin Wilkes

26. Tucci.

Aiden's basically my best friend and my brother. The Tucci's have been my real family for just about as long as I can remember. Former law student and junkie. They're my family. They've given me everything. And I'll give anything to protect them and try to prove I'm not the failure I am.

Head Cannon: Sage de Luca

Calvin was just out of rehab when he met a beautiful young girl names Sage de Luca. She might have been younger than him and a de Luca, but he couldn’t resist. The two wound up dating for a while and, truth be told, Calvin fell really hard for her. After a while, and after she was raped, a fact he was long unaware of, she suddenly started acting different around him, afraid to let him touch her, he didn’t know what he did wrong. He was even more confused when she suddenly broke things off with him. If he hadn’t been so fresh off the feeling of failing his family, he probably would have relapsed and, to be totally honest, he’s not sure how he didn’t.

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